Friday, April 3, 2009

R' Mordechai Banet's lists of Kefirah in Besamim Rosh

In Siman 5 of R' Mordechai Baneth's Parshas Mordechai (published post-humously) you have part of a Teshuva delineating many questionable Responsa in Besamim Rosh (see here). Interestingly, there is another list by Rabbi Baneth in והמה בכתובים, העתקות כתבי־יד מנחלת האחים לבית יעללעש pg. 20 (there are many important letters relating to the controversy there). My apologies for the lack of clarity of the scan. If someone has the book and can send me clearer scan, I would update it:

I'm not cerain why he used the term "Minus" for most of this list!! Interesting that it is somewhat different then the list in Parshas Mordechai.

A letter from R' Benet to R Tzvi Hirsch Berlin, the fsther of R Saul can be found here. - literary supplement No. 6 53-55 No. 9 140-141.

On the publisher of this letter, Solomon Rosenthal - See YY Greenwald - Toldot Mishpachat Rosenthal (available at [Update: I see now that this is the very same letter that appears in Parshas Mordechai - of course without credit to Orient.]

[In the same newspaper, I noticed a review of ShuT Chasam Sofer See Issue 15 pg. 247 of the PDF, and an article by Raphael Kirscheim on "Juden und Pesach" pg. 185 (202) of PDF.]


C Sherman said...

I don't know about chastising them for not giving credit to Orient.
See Feiner in The Jewish Enlightenment Notes to page 335-337 where he brings this letter from a sefer published in Budapest 1894

C Sherman said...,M1

Wolf2191 said...

Alright, so theyt didn't ptovide proper attribution to Shai LaMoreh which quotes Rosenthal same story but I will update the post,


C Sherman said...

I didn't mean to jump on you- I was only pointing it out.

A side oddity is why Feiner says it was printed in '94 when it was in '95, though I guess thats beter than Talya Fishman who when she quotes it says it was '91.

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