Tuesday, April 21, 2009

משיחת חולין (שהן הן גופי תורה) של הראשון לשושלת בריסק

The following story (click to enlarge) was referred to by Y. L. Gordon is his B'Zchus HaRabbonim (post to follow). Does anyone know if any of the Beis HaLevi's biographer's caught this one.


Anonymous said...

English, please.

Yehuda R said...

I remember reading that Yiddish quote from the Beis Halevi in Zichron Yaakov (R. Yakov Lipshitz).

Anonymous said...

it's brought in Karlinsky's "Harishon Lashosheles Brisk". see there further for more details about Dainov (reliable or not is another story...).

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