Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Seforim at Hebrewbooks

Lots of great stuff in the April update, including: R' Zevin's Ishim V' Shittos, Shir's Nachlat Yehuda containing hasagot to Kunitz's Bar Yochai and his Erech Millin, R Chaim Tchernowitz (Rav Tzair) Siddur Tefillah Shel Toim U' Matim (on Mordechai Kaplan's Siddur) and his Kitzur Talmud (on this work, see his biographical sketch of Mendel Mocher Seforim (Abramowitz) in his Maseches Zichronos - will post later), also a Kitzur Talmud from Ephraim Pinner, some books from R Chaim Hirschenson, and some stuff by Avrohom Berliner, some of Reuvein Margolios's books, Sdeim Chemed's Pekuos HaSadeh which has some interesting letters, some interesting Kuntreisim from R Kook, some of Nosson Birnbaum's Kesavim (on him see the very insightful essay of Moshe Leiter in HaDarom), and lots more.

תשואת חן חן להם

Update: I mentioned Tchernowitz's Kitzur Talmud. The impetus for his work was likely the following conversation with Mendel Mocher Seforim:


Anonymous said...

Is it V'Shittos or U'Shittos? I suppose you would be one to know.

Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

Ve-shittos, no? I think it would only be u-shitos if it was a sheva under the shin.

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