Friday, October 17, 2008

Writing on the walls - the biography of the Magen Avrohom and on his sources

I am not aware of any scholarly biographies of the MA but see here for a general overview from R' Zvi Hirsch Michelson [1]. Note especially his comments on the MA's reverent attitude towards SA and Rema.

I also noticed that in MA 284:7 he writes:

..כי בכל העולם יש יהודים - ע' מאור עינים

The relevant quote is in the Meor Einayim (de Rossi) in Imrei Binah 3:55. Not a source that one usually associates with the MA.

[1] I don't own part 3 of C. Tchernowitz's Toledot HaPosekim but I would imagine he has useful information. (NB - It is surprising that Tchernowitz doesn't discuss the Mishna Berurah, although he does discuss the Aruch HaShulchan. TP was reviewed by J Katz in KS.)


Dan Rabinowitz said...

what is particularly interesting is the MA popularization of kabbalistic customs.

Wolf2191 said...

Did't the Chavos Yair do the same?

Dan Rabinowitz said...

While the Chavos Yair also discusses kabbalistic customs, the Chavos Yair was not nearly as influential as the MA.

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