Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Ha'Mayaan

Latest issue of the periodical Ha'Mayaan available here.

R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbach's stance on heter mechirah is fully clarified. R' Posen (author of a great book on Targum Onkelos) has a fascinating letter in which he discusses changes in Tefillah,Mendelssohn (note esp. the letter from R' Yonoson Eibschutz in fn. 12). He mentions as an example the correct pronounciation of Geshem, there is quite a useful post on the subject here.

On the issue of fixing the nusach of tefillos, given the difficulties with the nusach that is called Sefard, I am surprised that no effort has been made to fix this. (See ShuT Minchas Eliezer for a fascinating responsa in switching nuschaos)

[Hat tip: Rav Tzair]


Lion of Zion said...

is there anyone who discusses how nusach sefard emerged, i.e., specifically how it's proponents justified revamping the accepted nusach? i've never understood this.

Wolf2191 said...

Off hand I only know about " the twelve nuschaos for the twelve shevatim and nusach ari is supposed to be a masterkey that could be used by anyone, etc. - or something to that effect." - from a letter by the Baal HaTanya (IIRC) Eliach's book on the Gaon V. 3 must have some sources as well.

Lion of Zion said...

i've heard of the 12 gates explanation. doesn't satisfy me.
i'll check eliach's book.

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