Saturday, October 4, 2008

R' Yaakov Reifmann on the origin of Kapores

Here (taken from the Otzar HaChochma - If there is a copyright problem I will remove it). See also S.'s post here. I am sure there must be better studies by now.

Reifmann was a "frum maskil" along the model of Mahaitz Chajes (although a bit more daring in theological issues as this sefer shows. See also here and one can dig up more stuff on HaMaggid).

Meir Hershkowitz published many of his letters and some of his articles in HaDarom and Ohr HaMizrach (he gathered all of these articles as well as Reifmann's other Seforim into a Kol Kisvei).


Anonymous said...

See Jacob Lauterbach's "The Ritual for the Kapparot-Ceremony," Jewish Studies in Memory of George A. Kohut, N. Y. 1935, 413-22, republished in his Rabbinic Essays. Also footnote.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! (Hershkowitz mentions Lauterbach on Tashlich) Footnote 294 fails to mention that that custom is mentioned in Sefer Chassidim (IIRC) and is explained by the Chasam Sofer in one of his Teshuvos.

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