Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And these are scholars...

I've been following the amusing exchange between R Chaim Rapoport and Prof's Heilman and Friedman over at Seforim blog. A commenter to a post about sockpuppets on the comment thread there notes that:

What you didn't realize Josh, is that Heilman & Friedman also wrote 41 sock puppet comments!

Needless to say that this is completely unprofessional and should deservedly land them in a heap of trouble.

Click on the "guest" of the second comment who wrote: "I think the Blog was the one who decided to limit posting on this", and you'll see that it's the same account which originally wrote the comment "Since this blog has not been either able or willing to post our final response to Chaim Rapoport's latest posting..." signed "Samuel Heilman & Menachem Friedman"!!!

However H & F hide their identity in the other comments by referring to themselves in third person such as:

Aren't there also a series of comments that begin with the assumption that F & H are out to smear the Rebbe?

Did you read the book? They mention the phone directory on p. 304!!



Chabad-Revisited said...

Hardly surprising, given their underhand falsification and misrepresentation of facts throughout this 'debate'.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, H#F definitely botched up here. This breech should be posted globally, and we deserve a public apology from these two ludicrous writers!

Mottel said...

As I wrote on sefarim blog:
Hardly surprising that the people who call bloggers blognats[sic] would post anonymously to further their cause.

What's more disturbing from a blogging p.o.v. (this is an aside to their failures in scholarship) is the fact that they take images from allover the blogosphere without giving credit. What is more, many of the links on their reference page are to dead or the wrong sites!

zach said...

Hardly surprising, given their underhand falsification and misrepresentation of facts throughout this 'debate'.

I agree. The misrepresentation of facts by Chabadniks ... oh wait, you were talking about H&F...

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to see my little comment about socks generated posts by two first-rate scholars such as you and Josh Waxman. [And naturally, glad to see my hunch was correct, but really it was pretty obvious.]


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