Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A rather odd story about the magical powers of Perek Shirah

S. sent me the very interesting collection of letters of Shadal's cousin Shmuel Chaim Lolli. Some of the letters discuss Shadal's Vikuach Al Kabbalah. In the discussion of the prophetic power of dreams on pg. 82 (recently referenced by Eliezer Brodt in his magnificent post here), Lolli records the following anecdote:

I think its fascinating that A - this "miracle" is very similar to the many wondrous stories that circulate today. B - The phenomenon of women reciting Perek Shira is not a product of our own era.

I thought it odd that this "prophecy" was delivered to the gentile maid and not to Bas Sheva directly. If a rational explanation of this story is needed, it is not impossible that the gentile maid would have heard Bas Sheva lecturing on the benefits of Perek Shira at one time or another which later surfaced in this dream.


S. said...

It should also be highlighted where this took place: Italy, not Ukraine.

Wolf2191 said...

True! But as is mentioned in the letters most Italians were very much under the thrall of Kabbalah and believed in all sorts of things. Not much different then in Ukraine on that score.

S. said...

I know, I just imagine that would be surprising to many people.

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