Monday, September 22, 2008

פרי דוד - חידושי הגאון ר' דוד צבי הופמן

In the first volume of Hapeles pg. 268 we have the first installment (although no continuations appeared - R' Hoffmann published Mekhilta D'Rashbi there instead (see V. 2), I will discuss this work in the next installment of my series on R' Dovid Tzvi. of some Chddiushei Torah by R' Dovid Tzvi. For the convenience of the reader I will place the images here:

The first chiddush was also published (with some small changes - in Melamed L' Hoel Part 3 No. 125). The second chiddush was never published anywhere else as far as I know. I would point out that the substitution of Gemara for Talmud was a result of an attempt to confuse the Censor's during the Middle Ages when the "Talmud" was outlawed (similarly in 16th century Italy only the Rif was available for a similar reason). The thrid chiddush is discussed at greater length in his piece n the Beis Vaad L'Chchomim that I hope to place online soon.

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