Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rabbi Dr. Zvi Hirsch Chajes

Essays in honour of Zvi Peretz Chajes:
Meir Balaban - Letter of R' Chajes to Shir:

אודיעו כי השגתי רשיון מן הקיסר לעשות
מן למודי פילוסופיא וכבר עמדתי יום ה' החולף על הבחינה ב
University of Lemberg במעמד כל הפרופסרין והידראקטור בראשם
והשגתי ד' כתבי תעודה
Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysic, Ethics, ובכולן השגתי מעלת Eminence.

(Eminence is somewhat less then a full Doctorate. The letter was an attempt to seek reconciliation from Shir after a fight but this part appeared to Shir to be throwing salt on his wounds since Shir himself was prevented from recieving a Rabbinic post in Trieste for lack of this same degree - See Igrot Shir P. 258 )


Joels W. said...

Any relation between the title of the blog and Zevin's work?

Wolf2191 said...

I bought the new edition of Zevin's book at the same time as I started the blog.

An excellent book. Highly recommended (You can find some articles of his at

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