Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Warsaw "Black list"

"And we need to strengthen religion.. and we should have a black list, like they had in Warsaw.. and anyone who desecrates Shabbos in public, we will not bury hm, and we will separate him from the rest of Israel..and the bring close those who have severed the cords that attach them to our religion and our Torah, that is against the law.."
If I had time, I would cite sources that show that the vast majority of Posekim vehemently disagree with this position - but anyone is welcome to comment...


Fotheringay-Phipps said...

What's this from?

And are his claims about the other rabbis accurate?

Wolf2191 said...

Its from a letter of R Shimon Shkop in Moriah. This is the from editors note.

Its from a letter of a R' Ahron Dovid Zeldner author of Mathe Arharon.

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