Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Hebrewbooks update

I don't have time for a full list but a god many of Leopold (YY) Greenwalds books have been added including his two volume work on the relationship between Bavi and Yerushalmi (see most recently, Alisssa Gray's dissertation for a continuing discussion of the subject) and his books on Hungarian Jewry.

Feel free to comment with any other interesting titles ou might find.


Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

Lots of good festschrifts, and not just the ones listed under יובל. There's also the one for R DZ Hoffmann

Yitzhak said...

Three volumes of S. A. Rozanes's (sp?) דברי ימי ישראל בתוגרמה

A. M. Hoberman's (sp?) גזירות אשכנז וצרפת

Also by Hoberman:

המדפיסים בני שונצינו

נשים עבריות בתור מדפיסות, מסדרות, מוציאות
לאור ותומכות במחברים

תולדות הספר העברי

Yehudah Ibn Hayyuj's ספרי דקדוק

Avraham Ibn Ezra's צחות בדקדוק

David Ganz's צמח דוד

Ra'avan's קונטרוס גזירת תתנ"ו

Daniel Chwolson's ראשית מעשה הדפוס בישראל (Yes, *that* Chwolson:)

Haim Hirschensohn's תורת ארץ ישראל

Anonymous said...

Re R. Greenwald -I'm a friend of a young rabbi in Denver, Rabbi Daniel Alter. Rabbi Greenwald's son, an elederly man, is a member of his shul. Mr. Greenwald said that he has at home a copy of his father's famous work on Aveilus, complete with R. Greenwald's marginallia and handwritten comments. I'm not in the business, but someone who is should check into this.


Anonymous said...

Great blog

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