Sunday, May 3, 2009

HaMayaan and more Hebrewbooks.

Rav Tzair reviews a new issue of Ha'Mayaan. updates with Saul Lieberman's Tosefos Rishonim as well as Chazon Yechesekel from Dayan Abramsky, Kitvei R' Yosef Dov M' Wurzberg, Yashar Regio's Toras Elokim (his commentary on Chumash), Bernard Revel's edition of Targum Yonoson (his doctorate on Targum Yonoson is available at Google books), J D Eisensteins Tamtzis Shulchan Aruch, Toldos R' Akiva Eiger put together by his sons, an edition of Agudah with notes by R Y C Sonnefeld (which is weird because I think R' Chaim Hirschenson also published a part of Agudah in the back of his Chiddushei Racha on Chumash, but perhaps that was a different Sefer), and much more

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