Wednesday, February 18, 2009

R Nachman Krochmal's descendants


Perhaps someone might want to track down the picture of his son. It is a pity that the Bible was sold, Ravidovich never does say if there were any notes.

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Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

I'm guessing that Abraham grew up looking very different from his father; that is, dressed in modern fashion.

The closest I've come to anything like a picture of Nachman which shows how he really looked like any other early 19th century Galicianer, with beard, peyos, etc. is the cover of Jay Harris's books:

Which shows the private beis midrash of Nachman Krochmal. It looks just as one imagines any such room in Galicia did. Completely conventional and traditional, and not unlike a Chassidishe shtieb in Williamsburg in the 1950s.

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