Friday, February 27, 2009

כך היא דרכה של תורה - ב

I mentioned in my earlier post, the book דרכה של תורה of Pineles - a book that someone of the erudition of Prof. Saul Lieberman refers to with great admiration. I now see that Hebrewbooks has added the refutation by his brother-in-law - כך דרכה של תורה (Vol. 1, and 2). Chanan Gafni in his excellent dissertation on Talmud study in the 19th century describes the polemic like this (click to enlarge - pages maybe out of order):

See there for a lot more of the same.
Some other new books:
Kisvei R' Yehuda Aryeh Modena (I think this was already at Seforimonline)

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about Leone di Modena said...


Thanks for posting about the Kitvei Yehuda Arye di Modena, for some reason I missed that one.

Concerning Rabbi Zevin's pamphlet, it was written a few days before 5 Iyar תש"ח, when many people were under the influence of passions and emotions. In later years he was probably less positive about the state of israel, as it seems that he wrote a letter to the Rabbi of Lubavitch requesting if it is permissible for a Frum Jew to serve the state as a minister. The answer is here (and it is negative, of course).

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