Friday, August 8, 2008

Mendelssohn's commentary on the Rambam's Milot ha-Hegayon (and more)

Now online. As Harav Yosef Kappach writes in the introduction to his edition of Milot Ha-hegayon -

"הכל מודים כי פירוש הרמ"ד הוא הפירוש הטוב ביותר".

The site where this comes from (part of B'chadrei Charedim) is worth keeping in eye on -

also a Hebrew translation of Mendelssohn's Phaedon (for which he was called he was called the German Socrates.), R' Naftoli Hertz Wessely's Divrei Shalom V' Emes (which as is well know was the caues of much controversy - see Milchamtam Shel HaRabbonim Neged HaMaskil Naftali Hertz Wiesel" in Beis Ahron V' Yisroel (Issue 43 on)), his Sefer Hamiddos, and some of his poems.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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