Friday, August 1, 2008

Friends and Scholars

A certain Roman philosopher said: Genuine and faithful love lasts forever. And as we have been close friends for 18 years – may the Lord extend those years – I said to myself in my heart, the Lord forbid that I should remain silent about a matter directed against the people of Israel – and why prolong it? – yesterday I received a 400-page manuscript which is not [yet] complete, and contains the following titles: 1. Statements and testimonies from Christian scholars about Jewish trickeries; 2. List of insults and blasphemies against Christianity used in Jewish books, documents and speeches... I read and was amazed! So much in brief for the time being, more by word of mouth. And if our thoughts are the same, then I hope it will be of use to us.My friend, the rabbi, in his wisdom, will already understand what I have in mind. From his eternally faithful friend, K. F.”

Letter to R' E. Fleckles, Ibid.

For more on K. Fisher - See the appendix to Marc Shapiro's article on nitel in Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 8 (also published in Ohr Yisroel), ShuT Teshuva M' Ahavah #26.

L. Zunz seems not to have like him much - he writes (A. Marx- Zunz's letters to Steinschneider, JQR -

"I saw in Hamburg manuscripts which do not exist in Prague. You may tell the censor Fischer; perhaps it will make him burst."

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Moshe Y. Gluck said...

That's cute in the last line of the footnote. "This message will self-destruct in ten seconds..."

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