Friday, August 1, 2008

Hesped for Maharav Ranschburg - by the Prague Censor

“Rabbi Bezalel Ransburg, known as Daniel Joel Rosenbaum (?), who was unforgettable to me, died at around ten o’clock at night at the age of sixty; his belly was very bloated, which was why he was buried in the cemetery already this afternoon, at about five o’clock; I saw a large number of Jews there and, during the funeral oration of Rabbi Mayer Levi Glogau, now Marcus Schlesinger, I heard continual crying and sobbing. He was endowed with many virtues, including noble-mindedness, sincerity and humanity, which is why he was buried rightfully with the reputation of a completely honest man. I often made use of his advice, as I became convinced long ago that he provided the most correct and most certain explanations in indecisive matters"

K. Fischer, Tagebuch, 23 September, 26 September 1820

translated by I. Cermanova - "Karl Fischer (1757–1844) The Work of a Hebrew Censor,
Judaica Bohemiae (Judaica Bohemiae)

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