Saturday, January 26, 2008

A hechsher for Heschel

Nonetheless, The Kopizhnitzer Rebbe who could not read German wanted to evaluate Heschel's European writings. He asked Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz, the head in the 1920's of a community in Williamsburg that had become a citidal of Orthodoxy, whether there was any apikorsus in them. The authoritave Rabbi Mendlowitz pronounced Heschel's writings to be kosher.

Abraham Joshua Heschel: Spiritual Radical pg. 81


The UnHeschel said...

The statement is blantantly ambiguous. Some of what Heschel wrote is indeed "kosher" and laudable, some clearly heretical, some lightly heretical (and somewhat laudable). You'd have to get a rundown on the hechsher.

Wolf2191 said...

He refers to his German works: The prophets and his biographies. Those are undoubtedly kosher. You will have to ask Dr. Shapiro if he exceeded the "limits of Orthodox theology in his other books."

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