Saturday, December 8, 2007

Aryeh Kaplan bio info-in need of sourcing

A deleted portion of the Aryeh Kaplan page - looking for a source:

Aryeh Kaplan briefly worked as a lab assistant. Thereafter he served as a rabbi in Conservative congregation Ohav Shalom in upstate NY near Albany [citation needed] (although he was not conservative). Afterward, he served as the rabbi of the Dover, New Jersey synagogue in 1971 and 1972. He then spent a year full time in abstract painting [citation needed]. Rabbi Kaplan also spent a year as a first grade teacher in Louisville [citation needed].


Ha-historion said...

A definitive biography of this man is long overdue. I wonder why it hasn't yet been written.

Wolf2191 said...

If this info is correct "Thereafter he served as a rabbi in Conservative congregation Ohav Shalom "

then thats why.

Ha-historion said...

Do you know anything about Kaplan's Sephardic background? I read somewhere that his family was from Salonika, Greece and that their name was Recanati.

Wolf2191 said...

That seems to be correct. See here -

We should really add that to the wiki.

Ha-historion said...

is that a reliable enough source?

Ha-historion said...

by the way, check out my recent posts when you get the chance. comments and criticism are always welcome.

Wolf2191 said...

You can see it in the original - here

I'm not sure what they mean by "business records" but it sounds very nice and official.

Your blog looks nice. Thanks in particular for directing us to that review of "Aleppo, city of scholars".

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