Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An excerpt from R Yaakov Emden's Igeres Purim

The following scan contains excerpts of R Yaakov Emden's Iggeres Purim published by Dr. Jacob J. Schacter in Studies of Medieval Jewish History Vol. 2. The style of this work is very similar to that of Megillas Sefer and confirms (not that this is necessary) some of the accounts in Megilas Sefer that the author of MP finds so impossible such as his attack on Knesses Yecheskel (which can be found in Sheilas Yaavetz as well). Dr. Schacter mentions that another excerpt of IP was published by A. Bick "in hopelessly garbled fashion" in Kiryat Sefer V. 50. The KS excerpt also parallel MS as it talk about RYE's illness and "most intimate sexual feelings". I have not yet seen the KS myself and would greatly appreciate if someone can send me a pdf.


Fotheringay-Phipps said...

What does this show?

mba said...

ky has been republished of late and is widely available in larger seforim stores that I have seen. As an aside, I see the hand of Hashgacha in this attempt to disprove the Yaavets' authorship of MS as midda k'negged midda, as he famously tried the same approach to moreh nevuchim

S. said...

I don't see the mida ke-neged mida. It's ironic, but I suspect that divorcing RYE from MS protects him from himself far far more than divorcing the Rambam from MN. Imagine if RYE's lasting reputation were to undergo the sort of revision discussed here.

Fotheringay-Phipps said...

Crucial question is whether it was in fact "revision". Was Modena's reputation in his own lifetime on par with RYE's?

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