Thursday, June 18, 2009

A conversation between R Kook and Aderet regarding Eruvin

The following is from Aderets diary - Seder Eliyahu. Does anyone know where this Chasam Sofer is to be found. It sounds more like R' Kooks own opinion. The opinion of the Mishkenot Yaakov referred to has been anlayzed in a great series of posts at Eruv Online.

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Anonymous said...

I know about this fascinating piece. It was once used in a pashkavil in Brooklyn. It is interesting that Rav Kook, in his teshuvos , does not seem to be a machmir in eruvin at all. The Chasam Sofer that the Aderes is referring to is in O.C. 99. I have a post regarding the Aderes involvement in the eruv of Yerushalayim .

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