Friday, December 5, 2008

More from and Shir on R' Meir Baal HaNes

1 - In the first volume of ShuT Kochvei Yitzchok there is a small article on plagiarism in which he hints at the name of several authors who he believes were guilty of this. In the Hebrewbooks edition someone penciled in the full names on the side. From what I can make out they don't seem to be very famous. See the follow up in the introduction to V. 2. There is also a section on plagiarised books in the Mevo to Mekor Baruch (some might consider that a bit ironic.)

2 - Otzar haChochma has the sixth volume of Kobek's Yeshrun which contains a lengthy letter from Shir on the origins of the charity R' Meir Baal HaNes as well as the alleged ban of Beis Yosef against using money from RMBH for other charities. (See here (fn. 10) for an ingenious explanation on the origins of this term from RR Margolies.)


Anonymous said...

The second one is Amudei Shmuel with Amudei Yehonasan. The Seforim blog once had a piece on that plagiarism, and I wondered at the time how the bibliographers at the seforim blog could miss this hakdamah

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I think the first one might be Emek Yehoshua HaHacharonas there is a sction on Gittin but I haven't had a chance to compare them yet.

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