Saturday, July 19, 2008

R' Yaakov Emden on the Ibn Ezra

The first and last pieces are from the Yaavetz' hagahot to Teshuvos HaRambam printed in Sinai (85) by A. Bick-Shauli. (Although Bick's work is unreliable, it certainly is not fraudulent as Goldstein claims in his discussion in Zoharei Yaavetz in Ohr Yisroel. Every example Goldstein quotes is simply carelessness and nothing more.)

The middle piece is taken from Hagahot Yaavetz to Sefer Me'or Einayim -Kovetz Tiferes Mordechai V. 3 (My thanks to Andy for lending me his copy of the sefer). Hence the reference to הבלי סודותיו.

N.B. Has anyone heard of a 3rd part of Mitpachat Soferim discussing R. Emden's "thesis" that the Moreh Nevuchim wasn't written by the Rambam (He discusses this a bit in part 2 but promises to deal with it at length later.)


Anonymous said...

Some of the differences between Bick's edition of MS and Kahane's edition seem to be difficult to attribute to mere carelessness.

Anonymous said...

Are the differences discussed in depth anywhere?

The problems with his Zoharei Yavetz seems to be that his notes were mixed in with the main text, or he abridged quotations and the like - which if very sloppy can't rightly be called fraudulent.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am aware of.

Menachem Butler said...

Jacob J. Schacter writes in his dissertation that Bick's 1974 biography "is uncritical, incomplete and simply sloppy. it is barely more useful than an earlier historical novel in yiddish about emden by the general author with the same title published in New York, 1946. In general, all of Bick's work is shoddy and irresponsible and cannot be taken seriously." See Jacob J. Schacter, "Rabbi Jacob Emden: Life and Works," (PhD dissertation, Harvard University, 1988), 17.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

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