Monday, August 31, 2009

Letters from R Tzvi Hirsch Kalischer to R Eliyahu Guttmacher, HaTzaddik M'Graiditz

The following is from an old issue of Hed HaMizrach and has not been republished to the best my knowledge. I did not have time to try to identify all the people and issues referred to in the letters. For instance, he says רק אל הגאון מווירצבורג דראוי לגלות לו סוד I assume that implies that R Yosef Dov Bamberger was on the side of R Tzvi Hirsch. The R' Auerbach referred to is R Meir Auerbach of Jerusalem who opposed the plan because of possible repercussions from the Sultan and because of the difficult Halachic issues that farming the land would raise. I do not know what the כתבים נגד הגאון מאלטונא refers to. I would assume that this refers to R Yaakov Ettlinger who is the last person worthy of the totle but I did not find anything Rebbetzin Bleich's book on Ettlinger that this could be referring to.

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