Friday, July 17, 2009

Concerning the personality of R Tzvi Hirsch Auerbach

On Auerbach and his Eshkol - see this thread from Seforim v Soferim and Marc's post here.
The following excerpt from a letter of Raphael Kirscheim (published in Kiryat Sefer 4) implies that he had some form of problems with Auerbach -

"who spoke words of peace concerning Frankel, and then set an ambush against him. This man was my friend who I trusted and honored for his great wisdom. Even though he was ruled by his bad character traits which caused him to be removed from office by the minister. During this time, I defended him from those who embrassed him - and these men were not from the "Mechadshim" but from the "Mekadshim U Metaharim" - and now money flows from his (their) purse.."


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