Friday, July 24, 2009

על רבו האחרון של ההשכלה הישנה ואשתו

A biographical and bibliographical sketch of R SB can be found here. I saw (but unfortuantely neglected to note the exact source) a memoir by one ויינלאו (as near as I can spell) of which I recall only two stories. Apparently, R Buber's wife was a מלומדת who spoke a perfect Hebrew, when he expressd surprised, she answered that "today, it is even more surprising that a young man should know Hebrew since the attitude has become -כל המלמד את בנו תורה כאלו מלמדו תפלות

In another anecdote, she disagreed with her husband on some matter and the writer expressed surprise since זכה נעשה לו עזר and how could it be that RSB was not "Zoch". The Rebbetzin responded that he had wrong p'shat, the correct p'shat is: זכה if the husband is correct then her responsibility is to be an עזר but לא זכה if the husband is wrong on the matter, כנגדו it is her responsibility to set him straight.

I regret not copying down the whole piece (It was either in HaHed or HaToren but I don't really remmeber).

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