Monday, September 13, 2010

Odd piece of post war Israeli history - Bloch Archive

Here. As I understand it, the Mayor of Bnei Brak (Aharonowitz) desired to go to the Gerrer Rebbe (at that time the Beis Yisroel?) for Yomim Noraim, however the Rebbe refused to have anything to do with the "group of betrayers" (Poalei Agudas Yisrael whom Aharonowitz apparently supported). He sent the Ponevizher Rav an R' (Moshe?) Landau to speak to the Rebbe on his behalf bu to no avail.


bc said...

Can you tell us something about who Chaim Bloch was?

Wolf2191 said...

There were several posts on Chaim Bloch a Seforim Blog and here

He was a notorious forger and forged several volumes of famous Rabbis against Zionists. He was also involved in a major controversy with R' Henkin (see Menachem Mendel post) and in general was a prolific and interesting if untrustworthy writer

Anonymous said...

This letter makes no sense, as Ger traditionally supported Poalei Agudat Israel.

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