Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of the Brisker Rav I do not have the ability to write

From "Fun Brisk biz Semyatitsh" by M. Weisman (It doesn't appear to be online yet)

Of the Brisker Rav I do not have the ability to write.

Every Brisker Jew carries the name R Chaim Solovetchik close to his heart and has his own memories of him. My words can certainly make him no greater then he was. All that I could wish to say of him, I will say in these words "May his like increase in Israel."

A most eloquent non-description which however tells us so much.

For a more wordy description, see S.'s great post and the Brisk Sefer Zikaron, Yaakov Mark B'Mechitzasum Shel Gedolei Torah pgs. 36-54, and R' Zevin's classic study of R' Chaim's methodology in Ishim V' Shittos. It is noteworthy that no comprehensive biography of R' Chaim exists to date.


Anonymous said...

shimon yosef meller author of the 3 vol harav mibrisk is currently working on a comprehensive biography of r chaim

S. said...

Mark's original Yiddish book is on

Larry Rabinovich said...

There is an extensive recent literature on the Brisk methodology. Among these is (Professor) Chaim Saiman's article ( Journal of Law & Religion Volume 21, p. 39 (2006)"The Turn to Conceptualism...."

Wolf2191 said...

and Norman Solomons dissertation (the analytic method, Tukichinsky's diss. on Yeshivos and more.

Anonymous said...

Are you able to post the two dissertations?

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