Friday, March 6, 2009

New seforim from

1 - Jewish phrenology (who is לאפאטר)

[Update: S. informs us that this refers to Johann Capar Lavater inventor of the "science" of phrenology. He is infamous for his famous attempt to convert Mendelssohn. According to A. Altmann, he diagnosed Mendelssohn as being essentially a Christian based on the shape of his forehead (or something like that - I don't have the book before me.) There are (unreadable) notes on the sefer (from one of the Rebbes?). Chochmas HaPartzuf is considered a big thing by Mekubbalim. I certainluy hope that the Rebbe/s don't give advice based on Lavater's science!!!!!]

2 - Limud Arukh -from son of R S. B. Bamberger (R' S. B. added some comments). Note his backwords reference to Shir as author of Toledot R' Nosson. (R' Berel Wein seems to think there was some sort of dispute between Shir and R' Bamberger but I don't see any record of this. Anyone know what he refers to?) see also Moreh L'Zovchim by the same.

3 - L' Chaker Sheiltos R' Achai - B M Levin

4 - A polemic against Shulchan Melachim - a commentary on Kitzur Shullchan Arukh by R Moshe Tzvi Landau - by R Yitzchak Sternhall (his Kokhvei Yitzchak is also on who was a bit of a character.

5 - למען השבת - from R' Herzog

6 - S'ridei Eish's - L' Perakim - first edition (there were some slight changes in the second edition - will try to post later)

7 - Rashba's Maamer Al Yishmael with biography - Does Naor know of this edition?

8 - Y N Epstein's mammoth Mevo L' Nusach HaMishna 1, 2 and on Tosefta (correction (thanks to andy - not Albeck but R Shlomo Friedlander - the Cheishik Shlomon). Cf. Chanoch Albeck Mechkarim.

9 - Y A Modena - Magen V' Tzinah (against Christianity)- Geiger edition

10 - on the Rashi to Bereishis Rabbah

11 - Intro to Perek Chelek (where the Ikkarim are first formulated)

12 - R' Dovid Tzvi Hoffmann - Midrash HaGadol 1, 2 (he reconstructed Mekhilta D' Rashbi using the Midrash HaGadol) also his Midrash Tannoim

13 - R S Lieberman's Midrashei Teiman.

14 - Pedagogical Sefer on Talmud from R C Hirschenson

and many more

[15 See also commentary on R Y Eibschutz's Kreisi U Pleisi - with notice from the learned censor Karl Fischer]


andy said...

The mavo l'tosefta is not by Epstein, their mistake not yours.

Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

Oddly enough, same guy who tried to coerce Moses Mendelssohn to convert to Christianity or explain why not.

wolf2191 said...

Cool! yes, Lavater said , based on a portrait that he saw from the bumps on Mendelssohn's head that he was an incarnation of Christ or something. Can't wait to update this one.

Andy, would you mind commenting on any odd fact you know about Sternhall- I find him interesting.

andy said...

You mean besides what I told you about his having Lieberman's Tosefta? Well, there is the story he told my father about his meeting with the Chazon Ish. He mentioned the Rogatchover and the CI said that in Lita they didn't hold so much of him. He started to get upset and was going to protest when he noticed that the CI's hat was on top of some seforim, whereupon he decided that the CI was not so religious anyway so why bother. I could ask Dad if he has more.

Wolf2191 said...

Please do!! I'd like to post this eventually if I have your permission.

ADDeRabbi said...

It's Rav Yitzchak Sternhell, not Sternhall. He was a Hungarian Rov who came to Baltimore after WWII where he founded an elementary school (Shearis Hapleyta/ Torah Institute/ Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchak) and a shtiebl (Machzikei Ha-dos/ Sternhell's shtiebl). He tried starting a yeshiva gedolah but was prevented from doing so by the powers that be at NIRC.
YKY has a short bio of him on their website:
Pic is here:

Wolf2191 said...

I see he corresponden with the Rogatchover, that fits with andy's story above. I must find his הכוכב

Adderabbi, if you have any stories about him, I'd love to hear.

Wolf2191 said...

His HaKochev is at hebrewbooks as well as his Teshuvot

Mendel said...

The notes on the phrenology book are not from any of the Rebbe's, to me they look like scribbling. If they used chochmas hapartzuf (which I highly doubt), this book would not be their source ...

andy said...

wolf- what is the reference for his remarks about R' C Hirschenson?

Wolf2191 said...

Andy -See intro to Kochvei Yitzchak (V. 1 or 2)

Mendel - Its not just scribbling since I can make out words - for example here -

I was mostly being facetious with that comment.

Yitzhak said...

Nitpick: IIUC, Lavater's pseudoscience was physiognomy; phrenology was a later 'refinement'. [Sources: the Wikipedia articles for the two terms, and some brief googling.]

Yitzhak said...

They have also added four more editions of the מבחר הפנינים (in addition to the two that they already had), the authorship of which they incorrectly ascribe to ידעיה הבדרשי. [They ascribe the Cremona תר"ח edition to Ibn Gabirol, but the other five to ידעיה הבדרשי.] This is apparently an old mistake, although it was still being made in תרע"א, as per the title page of that edition. While authorship cannot be established with certainty, it is most commonly ascribed to Ibn Gabirol, and in any event, it certainly predates ידעיה הבדרשי, since it was extant at least as far back as the twelfth century.

The old editions:

The new editions:


Katt Wilson said...

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